Student Work

I have included this section to showcase examples of student success. All projects included here are shared with the kind permission of the students and remain the intellectual property of their individual creators.

CIS 281 Web Development III/Server Side Scripting
(Wilbur Wright College)

In Web Development III, students learn a server-side scripting language (PHP). The final project for Fall 2018 was for students to create a sample United States Citizenship Test quiz in PHP. My student Alfredo Pareja created this Citizenship Exam, which was included in the college’s IT Showcase in April 2019.

CIS 181 Web Development I/Basic Web Technologies
(Wilbur Wright College)

Web Development I is City Colleges’ introductory class in HTML5 and CSS. The final project requires students to create a four-page web site about a travel destination, including pictures and a table. I encourage students to create original content and use their own person photographs were possible. Some examples of student work (shared with permission of the students):

WDIM130 Fundamentals of Interactive Design
(Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago)

In this course, students followed a User-Centered Design process from start to finish to develop an interactive design product (in this case, a mobile app). Students worked in teams to gather requirements, decide upon a conceptual model, create prototype designs, conduct usability tests, and revise the designs based on user feedback.

Chicago Latino Film Festival App
Team Name: “I Think, Therefore I App”
(Adobe PDF format, 4740 KB)
Adobe PDF
© 2013 Helen Rabadan,
Destine’ Lewis & TaMara Hickman
Pet Locator App
Team Name: AMD
(Adobe PDF format, 759 KB)
Adobe PDF
© 2013 Amy Newling,
Martynas Sadzevicius & Di’Maggio Baker

WDIM230 Fundamentals of Authoring
(Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago)

Students in this course learn the basics of timeline animation in Adobe Flash. Interactivity is created using ActionScript 3.0, which for most learners is their first experience with an object-oriented programming language. For the final project, students were required to create a four-page eLearning Module with animation, functional buttons, and a quiz that keeps score.

Learning with Sloth
(Requires Adobe Flash Player)
Flash Player
© 2012 Matthew Alaniz
Derby Little Secrets
(Requires Adobe Flash Player)
Flash Player
© 2012 Kelly Salrin