Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago

In my seven years teaching at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, I was consistently rated one of the top teachers in the Graphic Design program. On the quarterly IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction, I regularly scored 4.2 or higher on a 5-point scale. The Illinois Institute of Art discontinued sharing students’ comments with instructors in 2012. However, below are some of the comments students had written on the anonymous surveys prior to 2012:

“Laurie’s enthusiasm for her content is infectious, and I wished all teachers would put this much work into developing their lessons as projects, as well as have very reasonable, high expectations. Overall, I learned a lot in this class!”
– WDIM110 Designing for Multimedia Display, Fall 2011

“Learned more than I expected to. This instructor makes you want to do well.”
– WDIM110 Designing for Multimedia Display, Summer 2011

“Laurie was truly a pleasure to have as an instructor. She has been the most helpful during all my years at the Illinois Institute of Art. She promptly E-mails me back when I struggle with Flash and stays late to coach me through certain exercises. I’ve learned more about Flash in her class than I have with any other instructor.”
– WDIM230 Fundamentals of Authoring, Summer 2011

“Laurie is an amazing instructor. She made HTML & CSS and web technology really fun and interesting. I think if I had this course with anyone else I would not have learned as much.”
– IMD110 Designing for Multimedia Display, Spring 2011

“Laurie was an excellent professor & really pushed us to do our best. The class was paced well & went by very fast.”
– IMD430 Portfolio Preparation, Winter 2011

“Great professor. She arranged for us to create a site for real clients [local not-for-profits] …. We learned how to deal with clients and [now] have real professional work for our portfolio.”
– IMD450 Senior Project, Fall 2010

“Laurie is a wonderful professor and can take the hardest concepts and explain them well.”
– IMD110 Designing for Multimedia Display, Summer 2010

“I really appreciated the E-mail updates from Laurie. She is very thorough & helped me to learn to figure out problems on my own.”
– IMD110 Designing for Multimedia Display, Spring 2010

“The instructor created an environment where it was enjoyable to learn as a group.”
– IMD250 Interactive Design, Spring 2009

“Teacher loves to teach & teaches well”
VFX201 Advanced Image Manipulation, Spring 2009