Picture of Samir Cokic

Samir Cokic

I am an aspiring software engineer with interest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have a passion for object oriented programming preferably in Java and its implementation as a backend language in web development. Besides programming I also like mathematics, logic and photography. I am a recent transplant to Chicago, which I found an incredibly beautiful and photogenic city. I absolutely love it’s midcentury architecture and one of my favorite architects from that time is Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. I also fell in love with Lake Michigan and it’s ecosystem. I take long walks everyday around its shores and each day I am finding some new amazing details. Lake is never the same. There is always some new shade of color,some new reflection of the light. One day I am planning to learn sailing and get my own sail boat. I am amazed by the fact that Lake Michigan has a contection with Atlantic Ocean through river Mississippi and that would practicaly allow me to travel the world while having a homeport in Chicago. I am amazed by the richness of its flora and fauna. One of my favorite spots is the Montrose point bird sanctuary.

Text and photos by Samir Cokic