Space Needle

seattle skyline with space needle

Awe-Inspiring Views

The Space Needle is the most iconic structure of the Seattle skyline. It was built in 1962, when Seattle hosted the World's Fair.

You can ride two high-speed elevators that can take you to the top in approximately 43 seconds. You can exit the elevator at 500 ft to dine at the SkyCity Restaurant or you can experience the observation deck at 520 ft.

SkyCity has a beatiful panoramic view of Seattle and the surrounding mountains, water and forests. The entire restaurant is revolving while you eat and the floor is made of glass; so if you have a fear of heights, now is your chance to conquer it. I listed a few of the items served at SkyCity to give you an idea of the menu and pricing.

SkyCity Menu

Here are a few appetizers and entrees from the menu at SkyCity; the restaurant atop the Space Needle.

Menu Item Price ($)
Dungeness Crab Cakes 18.00
Oysters on the Half Shell 19.00
Crispy Beecher's Curds 16.00
Freshly Prepared Soup 12.00
American Kobe Steak and Lobster Tail 99.00
Bering Sea King Crab 89.00
Anderson Ranch Lamb Shank 59.00
Alaskan Halibut 54.00