Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Fish Market sign


Pike Place Fish Market is an open air market known for its fishmongers, who throw customers' orders from the ice where they're chosen to the scales where they're packaged and sold to the customer.

It's also where the first Starbucks was built and got the name for it's signature blend coffe: Pike Place. So if you're a coffee connoisseur, you may want to stop in and get one of their world famous lattes at the birthplace of it all.


Pike Place Fish Market was established in 1930, and has been a landmark of Seattle for almost a century. However, the landmark wasn't always world renowned. The Goodwill Games came to Seattle in 1990 and the Market received major media exposure. Soon afterwards, they appeared on Good Morning America and the performances were viewed worldwide. Today Pike Place Fish Market receives over 10,000 visitors daily. These Games were where Seattle got the slogan as the "City of Goodwill."