Portland, OR

Welcome to Stumptown, USA

Are you unusually fond of plaid? Do pine trees make you feel at home? Have you ever found yourself wishing that the cuffs of your jeans could just be a little bit damp 24/7? Would your walk to work be improved if you passed at least three coffee shops within one block?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you just might enjoy Portland, Oregon!

Incorporated in 1851, the city of Portland started out as little more than a damp, muddy frontier town. It earned the nickname 'Stumptown' when the quick felling of trees to allow for rapid growth left the ground littered with--you guessed it--stumps.

Over a century later, Portland is still full of trees and, yes, often damp and a little bit muddy, but it's also a wonderful city full of food, nature, art, flannel, and at least one unicycle-riding, bagpipe-playing person in a Darth Vader mask. (Really. He's called the Unipiper, and sometimes his bagpipes are on fire.)

Portland Trivia

The Offical Flag of Portland, Oregon The Official Flag of Portland, Oregon. Public Domain.
Nicknames: City of Roses, Stumptown, Rip City, PDX, P-Town, Bridge City
City Bird: Great Blue Heron
City Flower: Rose
City Slogan: "The City that Works"
City Song: "Portlandia" by Marc C. Miller