About Me

About the Web Developer

My name is Jaime Chavez. I am a student at Wilbur Wright College and this is my first attempt at creating a website. If we are being honest this is in fact my third attempt at this website. I got in over my head the first two attempts and scratched the whole thing. When one thing breaks I seem to be good at panicking and breaking everything else. However, I managed to put this together in what was probably a longer amount of time than I should have.

I decided on Cartagena as my vacation destination because I love it. I have had some amazing experiences in the city and would ask that anyone considering where to go next check it out. The city is beautiful and people are very warm and welcoming. I speak spanish more confidently than I probabably should but I take full advantage of that fact. I like to check out the not so touristy spots whenever I travel and Cartagena is pretty safe even in the areas considered sketchy.

I hope my site works. Thanks for visiting.

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