My Talents of Teaching Video

As part of Second Semester Seminar, I was required to create a 5-minute “Talents of Teaching” video. I was assigned the following question: “What are some of the big questions that one of your courses seeks to address, and how

Interesting article about tenure

The author wrote: “[H]e offers a reiteration of the ‘keep your head down and stay silent until you’re tenured’ line. Don’t exercise your academic freedom until it’s guaranteed. Don’t engage the public. Don’t be noticed. What this line of advice

Measuring Learning

I’m not posting a reflection this week because I will be attending the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) 2016 conference in Memphis, Tennessee. I hope to learn much from other computer science faculty at this conference, and

Action Research

This week’s reading from Burton & Bartlet (2005) focused on quantitative and qualitative research methods. I found it to be a helpful review of my last three years of grad school. In particular, the authors discussed the importance of establishing

Teaching and Learning

In Chapter 18, “Inquiry-Guided Learning,” Nilson (2010) wrote of the importance of students’ developing questions themselves in the course of their learning. This method of inquiry-guided learning is especially important for students learning scripting or programming languages. It’s very easy

Brookfield’s Four Lenses

During Semester 2 of the tenure process, we are expected to keep a self-reflected blog. This week, as part of my tenure process, I will take a closer look at my teaching experiences through Brookfield’s (1995) four lenses: self, students,