UX to UI Design: The Final Stage

For the final stage of our design process, we had to create interactive prototypes in PowerPoint. I found this part maddening, because I had to teach myself some Visual Basic in order to create the input fields, action buttons, and

UX to UI Design: Site Map

For Unit 2, I had to do a card-sorting task for information architecture and then create a basic site map. You might recall that we were previously asked to identify a problem. The problem I identified was faculty members’ having

My Talents of Teaching Video

As part of Second Semester Seminar, I was required to create a 5-minute “Talents of Teaching” video. I was assigned the following question: “What are some of the big questions that one of your courses seeks to address, and how

Interesting article about tenure

The author wrote: “[H]e offers a reiteration of the ‘keep your head down and stay silent until you’re tenured’ line. Don’t exercise your academic freedom until it’s guaranteed. Don’t engage the public. Don’t be noticed. What this line of advice