Academic Citizenship, Shared Governance, and Leadership

I’ve been reflecting on the subject of Academic Citizenship in preparation for this morning’s role-playing activity. I’m already somewhat involved in Academic Citizenship, Shared Governance, and Leadership:

  • I am the district liaison for my discipline, responsible for facilitating our monthly discipline meetings.
  • I am the Principal Advocate for our proposed curriculum changes in the Computer Science, Web Development, and Networking Systems and Technology degree tracks. I have been responsible for shepherding our proposed changes through Wright College’s Academic Affairs committee and then through the Joint Curriculum Development Council (JCDC).
  • I am already serving on a committee exploring Digital Literacy across the curricula at Wright College.

Moving forward, I have an interest in serving on Academic Affairs. I have already spoken with Wright’s Curriculum Facilitator, and she agrees that I would be a good fit for this committee. Once I have obtained tenure, I may take a more active role in shared governance and leadership.